Tools For Transformation

Clear – Energize – Balance – Protection

Galactic Acrylic Healing Lens
A 5th Dimensional healing device by Arc-Tools
Use on People, Animals & Environment
1 Karl-Kolsbun004-copyweb Each person has a unique vibrational pattern. Our physical bodies are currently moving from the 3rd dimension through the 4th dimension and into the 5th dimension. The Lens is a higher dimensional tool used for transformation to the higher frequencies and dimensions. It releases negative & limiting energies; clears earth, crystals and stones; and upgrades physical, emotional,Karl-Kolsbun020web and mental bodies. The Lens comes with a manual which has instructions on using the Lens for self healing, applying healing to a client, elevating the vibration of food to its highest nutritional value, and more! It includes background info on the Arcturians and their Lens technology. Price:  $140.00

Galactic Pyramid
Raises Your Vibration to 5th Dimension
Neutralizes unhealthy energy from electrical lines, electrical boxes, and smart meters
1 11pyramidweb2 A 5th Dimensional Metaphysical Tool created to raise the vibrational frequencies of a space to the 5th dimension (5D). The device originates from the higher dimensions to assist us in our ascension process. The bottom of each pyramid is etched with a powerful ancient symbol provided by the Arcturian Council and Masters of Light. The zigzag or wiggle line stands for waves of energy—vibration. The circle surrounding these lines represents God. This icon is a symbol of transformation and protection. It also enhances the effectiveness and energy of the pyramid. When activated, the pyramid has been found to transmute noxious energy being generated from electrical lines, electrical boxes, and smart meters, into non-harmful energy.  Price:  $160.00

Feng Shui Hanging Crystals – A transformation tool made of cut glass.

Feng Shui Hanging Crystals
Cut Glass Balls

Improves energy flow in restricted areas, clarity and clears chakras.  Donna Eden recommends spinning this Energy Medicine Healing Tool over your meridian endpoints and chakras. Spin over third eye to awaken intuition. Spin over top of head to open the crown. Spin in aura to bring more light into ones energy field and clear negativity. 20mm (.8″) clear, faceted crystal hanging ball on nylon cord. Small enough to fit in your pocket. Price: $20.00

Dowsing Tools

Basic Dowsing L-Rods – Brass
dowsrodsThese L-rods/Angle Rods are made by a Dowser for Dowsers. They are neutralized, and ready for programming by new owner. Will work well for locating noxious energy, underground water, buried pipes or electrical lines. As with most dowsing instruments, the application for their use is only limited by the experience of the Dowser. Solid 1/8” brass.  Dimensions: Approx. 4-1/2” Vertical — 13-1/2” Horizontal. Price: $15.00

Crystal Teardrop PendulumsClear Quartz and many other kinds of Crystal Pendulums – ranges from 1 to 1.5 inches in length. It is a teardrop shaped pendulum.  Price: $10.00 each  or 2/$15.00

Atlantis Brass Pendulum – A transformation tool made of brass.

Atlantis Brass Pendulum
The Atlantis Symbol of Protection is carved around this pendulum. The pendulum strengthens and directs the vibration of the symbol. It is used for healing and protection, and reinforces intuition. The Atlantis pendulum works with the full spectrum of white light, and has protective abilities along with therapeutic properties. Self-clearing. Size: 3.8cm 47g (1.50″).  Price: $153.00

Virtual Cone or Color Pendulum – This highly specialized tool is a simplified version of a Universal pendulum. The shaft is segmented into wavelengths of different colors. The ring can be moved to various positions to create an imaginary cone that emits energy at the wavelength of the chosen color. It is used to determine balance of colors (chakras) in human energy field; emission of energy from organs of the body; researching shapes in relation to colors; environmental color balancing (in houses, offices, etc) and for changing the vibration of any room.  Must be cleared.  Plexiglas 13cm 21g (5.12″)  Price: $97.00

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