Biofield Energy Research

Subtle Energy Testing

Measuring and analyzing energy fields around people, plants, animals, and things;  testing effectiveness of products and services;  to gain a better understanding of psychic and mental energy, and seemingly paranormal phenomena. I use Resonant Field Imaging, Energy Mapping, Auric Field Photography, and other technologies and techniques.

Investigative Research Reports

Receive a comprehensive written report with explanations, photographs and/or energy maps of findings.


Auric Field Photography; Power of intention, thoughts & feelings to change energy/matter;  Consciousness, beliefs & reality systems and their relationship to health and transformation.

Payment Accepted

Cash, Personal check, Money order or Cashiers check.  Note: I do not accept Credit Cards at this time.

IMG_3408 (3)Biofield Energy Research by Appointment.
Lorna Reichel, MFA, BS,
Clifton Park, NY
Call (518) 383-9066
About Lorna 

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