Business Services

Getting Your Message Out There!
  • Ads  – Brochures – Business Cards – Website Design & Makeovers
  • PowerPoint Presentations – Videos – Photos & Retouching
  • Events:  Event Organizer, Program Planning
  • Marketing & Communications Coordination, Outreach
Creative Solutions
  • Brainstorming  • Troubleshooting • Problem Solving
  • Image Development & Refinement – Identifying & defining a person’s strengths,  skills & unique abilities that form their business Identify and then communicating it to others.
Project Management
  • Facilitation, strategy, acquiring & administering human, financial, material, & information resources; making things happen.
  • Organizing

Understanding of computer programming environment, web content, with ability to bridge communications gap between engineers, designers, and users. Information architect,

Subject Areas

Deep understanding of holistic/alternative health practices, healing, massage, food & nutrition; long term care/elder care, senior citizen markets; spirituality, subtle energy technologies, dowsing & energy balancing;  business practices; teaching & education; computers;  photography & Video Production; antiques, restoration, and auctions; crystals & minerals; music & entertainment; art creation, marketing and sales. I’ve worked with clients in many fields including dental,  social services, housing, rentals,  computers, electronics, art, music, public events, publishing, farming…

In Summary…

People tell me they feel better. They are impressed with my mind, heart, and integrity. I have high-energy, enthusiasm, and strong interpersonal, organizational and leadership skills with experience relating effectively to diverse groups & individuals. I look forward to working with you.