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Learn Holistic Health & Self-Healing Options

Our holistic health learning group, “All In The Mind,” is a forum for finding out about holistic health & self-healing options you probably are not aware of. Together, we explore physical issues and their underlying emotional, mental, and spiritual components.  We meet in the fall and winter at various locations in the Albany / Saratoga, NY area.  An informal, relaxed setting. Open to all.  Join Mail List

• Learn from great videos and richly engaging dialogue.
• Connect with holistic practitioners, new friends and fellow explorers on the journey to better health.
• Increase your awareness, knowledge of techniques & technologies, and options for self-healing.
• Change your perceptions – realize better health!

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Join us! Explore possibilities that can change your life!

What:     All In The Mind Learning Group
When:    TBD
Program:   An email is sent with the details
Where:   Call 518-383-9066 for location and to RSVP
Cost:   Free. A donation is always appreciated.

About  – All In The Mind: 
We are a community of holistic educators who help others to help themselves. Our education is based primarily on using natural preparations, physical movements, and regulation of subtle energetic fields. We believe all healing comes through the Universal Consciousness. We believe that an individual is helped by the godhead in proportion to the extent that they help themselves. We are required by law to remind you that few of us are doctors and we DO NOT diagnose or prescribe medications.

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For more information: Call (518) 383-9066