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Holistic Health Topics Covered

Participate in interesting discussions, demonstrations, and watch informative videos, with a supportive group.  Get answers to your questions, hear about resources, and learn methods for obtaining answers to your questions yourself.

•  Biology of Belief – Explore thought forms & perception. Learn how cells talk to each other, how your mind creates immunity. . .
•  How to Find Out Which Foods Are Good For You
•  Balancing Your Aura and Chakras
•  Healing with Crystals 

You are more than your physical body.  Your consciousness — subconscious mind, emotions, thoughts, DNA and other multi-dimensional aspects of yourself (whether you are aware of them or not),  play a huge roll in your health. Using your mind and heart you have the power to change your life.

Partial List of Past Holistic Health Education Programs

What we have learned about:

Food Sensitivity Elimination – Learn how to identify and desensitize yourself to food allergies. Find out: which foods weaken you and strengthen you.
• Reiki Training (Diane Anderson and Babette Smith) – Usui level one, level two, level three (master’s).
•  New Meta-Medicine (Richard Flook): How Disease Really Works, Why Cancers Develop and Allergies Start…
•  Body Talk (John Veltheim) – A type of biofeedback that helps balance and synchronize the body’s physiological biochemical functions, emotional and mental interactions, environmental influences, and hereditary and genetic restrictions – to achieve and maintain healing and growth on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
•  Boosting Your Immune System through Allergy Elimination
• George Leonard: Awakening Your Body’s Energies – from Thinking Allowed w/ Jeffrey Mishlove
Healing Early Attachment Wounds and Embracing the authentic Self (Diane Poole Heller, PhD) –
•  Remote Dowsing – Learn technical dowsing (Paul Smith)Step-by-step instructions and interactive lessons as you proceed through each training segment. After each lesson, you will execute a blind practice target that incorporates what you have just learned. Paul Smith became one of only a handful of government personnel to be personally trained as coordinate remote viewers by Ingo Swann at SRI-International. Paul was the primary author of the government RV program’s CRV training manual.
• The Emotion Code ( Bradley Nelson) – An advanced method of finding and releasing trapped emotions, energies that become lodged in the body during moments of stress. Trapped emotions lead to physical pain and malfunction, as well as self-sabotage, depression and anxiety. Developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, The Emotion Code is a simple, easy and fast form of energy psychology, and can be learned and practiced by anyone, regardless of background.
•  Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testing (Stephanie Relfe) – How to muscle test ACCURATELY.  Pre-tests: The essential part of a muscle test that many people don’t do. The Fourteen Muscle & Fourteen Organ Balance Procedure. How to Identify where an emotional upset is coming from. How to remove stressful emotions from the body. How to test which foods and other products are weakening, neutral or strengthening –know which supplements are best for you. How to balance three of the major back muscles.
•  Centering – Cloacals, and Ileocecal Valve & Houston Folds (Stephanie Relfe) – Perfect Health with Kinesiology
•  Body Code System of Energy Balancing (Bradley Nelson) – How the Body Code Mind-Map functions.
•  Integrative Soul Technology – Your Gateway To Wholeness (Christel Hughes)Shifting energetic patterns that keep physical symptoms, destructive emotions, life-depleting habits and negative thought forms in place.
•  Chaos Theory (Professor Steven Strogatz) —the study of the behavior of sensitive systems over time—affects nearly every field of human knowledge, from the arts to zoology. From the surprising tale of how chaos theory was discovered, to the ways it can help us solve mysteries like the nature of consciousness, Chaos gives you a solid introduction to a fascinating discipline that has more to do with your life than you may realize.   Have you seen the beautiful Mandelbrot pictures but never explored the concepts and mathematics that produced them? Explore not only the fractals but also the concepts of determinism vs non determinism, order, chaos and randomness. All in a clear concise way. Gives exposure to the new sciences.” Professor Strogatz’s books include Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos—the most widely used textbook on chaos theory—and Sync: The Emerging Science of Spontaneous Order (chosen as a Best Book of 2003 by Discover magazine).
Synchronization (Professor Steven Strogatz) Large, complex systems having many interacting parts often display a remarkable capacity for organizing themselves, with their individual parts becoming synchronized. This lecture shows you systems as diverse as pendulum clocks, fireflies, heart cells, and menstrual cycles and takes you inside the opening-day swaying of London’s Millennium Bridge.
•  The Future of Science (Professor Steven Strogatz) A review of what we’ve learned; the future role of chaos theory. In a world where most of the major unsolved issues facing science—including cancer, consciousness, the origin of life, and AIDS—involve fundamentally nonlinear systems, chaos theory can be a crucial first step toward their solution.

•  Your Energy System and Its Affects on Your Health

•  Sound Healing – Tuning Fork Concert with Scott Hartley.

•  Mind-Body Medicine

•  How to Use Dianetics– a film based on the book by L. Ron Hubbard.
•  2nd Annual International Congress of Bio-Energetic Medicine
Illness as a Delusion – Understanding the Meaning of Symptoms – Fuller Royal, MD on this topic.   – Biological Dentistry Autonomic Response Testing and the Chronically Ill Person – Douglas Phillips, DDS.  – Energy Medicine & Dentistry – Finding Compatible Dental Materials, Determining Root Canal Toxcity: Protocols For Checking  For Organ Relationships.

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