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Our life processes require energy.  Some of this energy comes from the foods we eat (caloric energy), and some comes from the cosmic (subtle) energy all around us. Subtle energy supports the body’s innate intelligence and self healing capabilities. My goals are to educate and provide new perspectives of reality that empower you so you can be healthier and realign with your highest potential & ideals. I research, disseminate information, and develop creative solutions delivered with compassion, so you feel better! I’d love to work with you. Together, we can address anything you can imagine.

“Unseen Worlds of Subtle Energy:  A Fascinating Picture Book of Auras

book cover
My Book, Unseen Worlds of Subtle Energy

You’ll get a new perspective looking at photographs of the energy rainbows that appear and radiate around people, places, and things. Increase your knowledge of the dynamic electromagnetic field that we each create.  “Unseen Worlds of Subtle Energy:   Exploring and Verifying Energy Using Auric Field Photography”  by Lorna Reichel.

Aura Scans

Have an Aura Scan for a healthier aura!  During this powerful Energy Session, 16 different energy fields are scanned, cleared and optimized to their highest levels. Feel lighter and uplifted as the following fields in your being are restored to their most beneficial, optimal states: the physical, taiji pole, etheric, emotional, mental, astral, template, celestial, causal, and your 7 major chakras.

Workshops & Awesome Visual Presentations: Explore Subtle Energy. Experience The Power of Your Mind

See auras as they appear through the lens of Lorna’s camera. Receive useful, practical information. Get new perspectives of reality that empower & inspire.  For a fun, light hearted intro to subtle energy, I offer “Exploring & Playing with Energy Workshop.”  To explore wellness and the power of intention, I offer, “Human Transformation and the Art of Creating Health.”  Through unforgetable visuals, you’ll learn the meaning of colors in the aura, and experience the power of directed intention (subtle energy).

Crystals & Minerals – Great Selection & Prices
Mt. Ida Natural Quartz Crystals - for balancing and clearing subtle energy
Mt. Ida Natural Quartz Crystals. These clear, finger sized crystals are great for balancing and clearing subtle energy, planetary healing, and healing grids.

The life force of a crystal can work with the life force of the body to promote health and healing. While quartz crystals have specific metaphysical properties, these properties can be expanded by programming and putting different crystals together. I sell an array of crystals. Check them out!

Dowsing Services and Instruction

If you need information or to balance energy, I can assist you. If you want to learn to dowse,  I’ll teach you practical skills that can make a difference in your life. Individual and group classes.

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Holistic Health Learning Group

All In The Mind – Explore cutting edge discoveries, technologies & holistic practices for better health and self healing.   Read more ... Programs and Topics | Speakers Corner |

All In The Mind learning group
All In The Mind learning group working with a cold light laser and natural quartz crystal.

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