EMF Protection

Clean Your Energy Environment … where you work, sleep… and Keep It Clear!

Wireless & Microwave Devices –

Cell Phone Tabs

Place a Cell Phone Tab on the antenna end of your cell phone or behind the receiver, if possible. For Ear Plug, Bluetooth and/or other Head Set Cell Phones, place Cell Phone Tab on base receiver. If annoyance persists, they can be placed on the back of each ear receiver.  Also used on Household Cordless & Wired Phones.  Most phones produce harmful electromagnetic radiation. To alter the negative effect on the body,  ALL phones should have a Tab! Easily attaches in seconds. Will not effect reception. Handcrafted ceramic Tab alters the nature of most harmful energies before they strike the body, thus removing environmental stress, and allowing the body to resume normal functions.  Size: 0.5 inches across. MORE INFO      Price: $ 100.00/pack of 5

Star 3-Hole Resonator

For WIFI Devices, Wireless Routers place on top center, avoiding air vents.  Place on top center of microwave cookers/ovens, wireless home security units, or in house Mini-Dish entertainment boxes. Uses advanced ceramic dielectric material which absorbs energies that strike it, alters hazardous radiation rendering it harmonious and strengthening to the body, as energy is pulsed out in beneficial form.  Price: $20.00/ea

Star Tri-Pac

A strong, directional resonator designed to combat annoyance from Cell Phone Towers, Radio Stations, Airport Doppler Radar, and other incoming WIRELESS EMFs. An effective solution for apartment dwellers who have neighbors with WIFI systems. Aim the arrow on the label at the source of annoyance. Price: $65.00

Catalyst Beads

The Bead gives continuous energy enhancement while protecting one from most harmful radiation accompanying electromagnetic fields. Commuters who wear a Bead report increased alertness and reduced jet lag.  For best results wear only one Bead or Pendant. Price: $ 50.00/pack of 2 Beads

Catalyst Gemstone Pendants

Computer, TV, Appliance Protection
Clear Harmful Electromagnetic Radiation From Anything Electric
That Plugs Into wall or Runs on Battery

Three-Hole Resonator
Attach to top of computer monitor, CPU unit, and/or hot water heater. Apply to ballast end of fluorescent lights. Strongest installed with the white dot up toward the north. Uses Crystal Catalyst® Technology, an advanced ceramic material, to alter hazardous radiation. Cleans harmful energies, rendering them harmonious and strengthening to the body. Place one on your refrigerator, air purifiers,  laptops, notebook computers, computers w/o wireless router, office equipment, power strips, etc. Use where focused energy is needed. Size: 1 inch across.MORE INFO.  Price: $20.00/ea 

NOTE: Place devices close to the EMF/detrimental energy source. They are not designed to be worn on the body to balance human energy. Rather, they protect your etheric energy field from the potential effects of unhealthy energies, by clearing, transforming or/and balancing the energy being emitted from an object; or altering the energy in an environment where a protective device has been placed.

Protection from Power Lines
Wall Fuse Boxes
& Electrical Boxes

Tri-Pac RESONATOR – Neutralizes incoming wired electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from Power Lines, Transformers, Substations, Electrical Boxes, Fuse Boxes, and Vehicles. When placed on the electrical system of a home or office, one Tri-pac generally will clear most of the emanations from electrical outlets in an average building or home.  MORE INFO  Price: $65

Protection for Travelers – Car & Airplane Radiation

Tri-Pac RESONATOR Place in glove compartment of Vehicle to neutralize electromagnetic radiation (EMR) generated from the engine, and help clear tired feelings when driving long distances. Tri-pac can also be placed in carry on luggage when flying, to neutralize airplane radiation and help clear the tired feeling of jet lag. MORE INFO  Price: $65

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Sacred Space Generator (SSG)

Clears Negativity, Energy Imbalances & Entities from Your Home
Gets Rid of Parasitic Entities in Your Auric Field

Keeps your home safe by changing negative energy into positive energy and correcting imbalances caused by noxious earth energies, unpleasant people, chemtrails, etc. It is always generating healthy energy and will heal and strengthen all natural and man-made vortices. Each SSG is one-of-a-kind, unique and carefully custom handcrafted for the user by Jack Stucki.    How The SSG WorksMore Info on SSG. Please note: This is a special order item and is not returnable. Price:  $550.00 and up

Light Stand: The optional stand brings added dimensions of light and movement to your SSG. It is a visual enhancement and a non factor in the energy output of the device. The Stand is battery operated or can be plugged into an electrical outlet.  Price:  $35.00 with SSG purchase

BioGenesis Pyramid

Creates & Restores Harmony Clears Negativity from Your Environment

The Pyramid is placed at the highest point in the room (on top of a bookcase or mantle), anywhere you would like greater harmony. Once a stable foundation of harmony has been created, the Pyramid removes negativity that has been stored in the environment. These negativities do not leave as negative thought forms–a great transformation occurs; Light is restored.  Place the pyramid in the house; this will generate an environment supportive to growth and transformation. Made of a high quality glass. Price:  $235.00 $210.00

Feng Shui Hanging Crystals
Cut Glass Balls

Feng Shui Hanging Crystals

Improves energy flow in restricted areas, clarity and clears chakras.  Donna Eden recommends spinning this Energy Medicine Healing Tool over your meridian endpoints and chakras. Spin over third eye to awaken intuition. Spin over top of head to open the crown. Spin in aura to bring more light into ones energy field and clear negativity. 20mm (.8″) clear, faceted crystal hanging ball on nylon cord. Small enough to fit in your pocket. Price: $20.00

Crystal Pendulums

These natural stones can be used to clear and balance energy, and for dowsing. Clear Quartz, rose quartz, black, green.  Ranges from 1 to 1.5 inches in length. It is a teardrop shaped pendulum.  Price: $15./ea.

Atlantis Brass Pendulum

Atlantis Brass Pendulum
Atlantis Brass Pendulum

The Atlantis Symbol of Protection is carved around this pendulum. The pendulum strengthens and directs the vibration of the symbol. It is used for healing and protection, and reinforces intuition. The Atlantis pendulum works with the full spectrum of white light, and has protective abilities along with therapeutic properties. Self-clearing. Size: 3.8cm 47g (1.50″).  Price: $153.00

Virtual Cone or Color Pendulum

This highly specialized tool is a simplified version of a Universal pendulum. The shaft is segmented into wavelengths of different colors. The ring can be moved to various positions to create an imaginary cone that emits energy at the wavelength of the chosen color. It is used to determine balance of colors (chakras) in human energy field; emission of energy from organs of the body; researching shapes in relation to colors; environmental color balancing (in houses, offices, etc) and for changing the vibration of any room.  Must be cleared.  Plexiglas 13cm 21g (5.12″)  Price: $97.00

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