Subtle Energy and Our Health

What is the etheric body and how does it affect our health?

The physical system is also influenced by life energies, known as the etheric formative forces, which have their own distinct qualities, characteristics, and even their own geometry. Etheric formative forces, which are common to all living organisms are responsible for the growth and unfolding of organic forms. Etheric life forces or the etheric body envelop the physical body. The etheric body influences life-building habits and rhythmic patterns of behavior. When the etheric body is strong and vital, the physical organism is full of life. When a person dies, the etheric body withdraws from the physical body.

One striking demonstration of the existence of the etheric body is the “phantom pain effect,”: a person retains a painful sensation of an amputated limb. The physical limb is gone, but the etheric limb remains. This phenomena is also illustrated in the “phantom leaf effect, ” by which a Kirlian photograph of a cut leaf apparently shows the image of the energy field of the complete, uncut leaf. Russian researchers called this auric field the “bio-plasma” of a living being, which we can consider another name for the etheric body.

How does obstructed energy affect our health?

When the body’s energy centers are aligned and open to the inherent Life Force a natural state of well-being and harmony exists. We are constantly struggling with stressors on every level from emotional to chemical to electromagnetic. These stressors produce energetic obstructions that block the natural flow of energy or inherent Life Force in our environment as well as in ourselves. Symptoms of contracted emotional, mental and physical states in our body-minds result, causing an over concentration or deficiency of energy in different areas of our total body-mind. In areas where we are obstructed and tense, we are also unconscious or contracted from experiencing a free flow of the life force. Wherever there is a contraction at any level of the nervous system, certain physical phenomena begin to develop; the chemistry of the body changes, toxins develop, hormones become imbalanced and impurities in the bloodstream are created. As the energy centers of the body become impure and contracted, the expression that occurs through these centers is likewise obstructed.

How does subtle energy create ideal health?

Balanced coherent energy flowing in the body equates to perfect health. When the body is dynamically flowing with balanced vibrant coherent energy there is no place for disease. Health then should be viewed as the perfection and maintenance of a dynamic energy field which is flowing, coherent and strong, giving it the capacity to vibrationally interact. The body’s field is the first line of disturbance, defense and regeneration. Regeneration comes form re-energizing the field and hence the tissue.

When the energy level of subtle fields is depleted by stressors in our lives a breakdown of the physical structure occurs and aging and disease result. When the subtle fields are energized, they maintain and strengthen the physical body allowing us to resist and even reverse the aging process and to reorganize on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual vibratory level.

How does the physical body assimilate subtle energy?

Understanding the crystalline properties of the body gives us a model of how the body can be altered by subtle energy. Researchers have shown that a crystalline structure will respond in unique and precise ways to a wide spectrum of energies including heat, light, pressure, sound, electricity, gamma rays, microwaves, bioelectricity and even the energies of consciousness (thought). In response to these varying energetic inputs, the molecular structure of a crystal will create specific vibratory frequencies of energy emission.

The physical body has many of these same characteristics in its interaction with subtle energy. Energy in the body is assimilated through a dynamic interplay of the crystalline bone structure and through the circulatory, nervous, and meridian systems of the body. Our bone structure is our body’s major solid crystal system. A particular electromagnetic field is generated from the crystalline bone structure. The other major crystalline-like system in the body consists of the liquid crystal structures which exist in every cell membrane, organ, gland, nerve, and muscle system. Bodily fluids, because of the ions within them and the ability of water to become structured, also have crystalline-like qualities.

Is subtle energy more effective than a chemical substance?

Vibrational signals deliver frequency information directly to the body at it’s most essential form to rebalance and harmonize stressed energy patterns. The use of a chemical substance or an herbal remedy to correct an imbalance presents the possibility of side effects and ultimately is a less direct approach to correcting an imbalanced energy field.

At times, a substance given in a material chemical form cannot bring about the desired result because of an allergic reaction or the body’s inability to absorb the material properly into the system. By transferring the correcting energy directly into the subtle field of the person, issues regarding inability to assimilate substances can be overcome. When the body receives this energy and information into the energy field, results can be far-reaching and broad in scope without side effects.

Various therapeutic methods can be employed to apply frequency information directly to the body using color, sound, light, electricity, subtle and magnetic energy. Other approaches involve Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Aromatherapy, etc.