Measuring the Human Biofield “Aura”

Science & Theory

The measurements we take and the Aura Imaging system we use are based upon the principle that all mental activity is electromagnetic. While some medical theorists argue that mental activity is chemical, because of the chemical neurotransmitters involved, the fact is that neurotransmitters are created only when electrical impulses induce a voltage in a neuron which exceeds its firing threshold. In addition, EEG (electroencephalogram) technology shows that mental activity can be effectively analyzed and monitored entirely by electromagnetic principles.

In electrical engineering, it is an established principle that all electrical currents produce surrounding electromagnetic (EM) fields. Accordingly, our psychological and emotional activities are sent throughout the body as electrical impulses, radiating electromagnetic fields outside the body, which are characteristic of the mental activity that generated them. Indeed, even the mere movement of atoms will produce a quantifiable electromagnetic field. This is most clearly observed in the case of charged radioisotopes, but even neutral atoms and molecules will emit a field through valence motion of the charged substructure particles. As proven by Russian Tesla technology experiments in the 1950s, this phenomenon causes prokaryotic organisms to produce an external electromagnetic field, which consists of the combined EM emissions from millions of molecules in the biological body.

Most researchers in this field acknowledge that complex biological organisms such as humans also produce electrofield frequencies in much the same way, except that in addition to the molecular contribution, the nervous system plays a significant role. The nerves and nerve synapses carry electrical currents as large as 55 millivolts for neuron firings, and sometimes as large as 3 volts for motor impulses (to move the muscles), which radiate much larger electrical fields in accordance with electrofield physics. All these radiating fields are the very tangible essence and one definition of the human Aura.

It appears that this technology has the capability of identifying psychological and emotional states. When one has a psychological perception of oneself and one’s environment, this perception, being a mental process, induces characteristic electrical impulses in the brain, which can affect related parasympathetic nerves or endocrine glands (e.g., a perception of fear stimulates the adrenal glands via the brain). Since the brain is neurologically connected to the entire human body, these electrical impulses may travel throughout the central, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, creating the characteristic electrical fields. The impulses may even travel through the Collagen fibers of the connective tissue as Dr Keith Scott-Mumby suggests. He explains there is a continuum of liquid crystalline water-bound collagen fibers running throughout the entire body.

Biological activity such as autonomic responses initiate cellular and electrochemical changes, thereby creating an environment thermodynamically favorable to the conversion of metabolic kinetic energy into electromagnetic energy. In this process, localized bio-energy “complexes” form a dynamic field that differentiates according to the neurological information that stimulated it. Since the muscles and skin are not barriers for electromagnetic energy, the bio-energy field can and does radiate outside of the organism to become what we call the Energy Field or Aura.

According to the above biophysics, information about the “health” status of a complex organism is available from the coordination of sub-cellular energies, much the same as in a prokaryote. Any decrease in homeostasis, including parasitic infection, genetic mutation, arterial constriction, etc., will produce a corresponding modification in the bioelectrical field.

RFIis an initial attempt to quantify and objectively interpret such modifications. The accuracy of RFI™ formulas and color interpretations have been tested extensively.

We offer external electro-field imaging. Since this is a passive measurement system, it is designed not to cause any distortion or contamination of the Energy Field. It literally measures the identity of the detected energy according to its characteristic frequency, and makes this frequency available to the user as data in standard international scientific units.

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