I dowse. I use my skills of perceiving subtle energies to get answers and information, transform energy, find noxious energies, and more.

Dowsing Services

Whether you need information, or to balance energy, I can assist you. I use pendulums, dowsing rods and a computer dowsing program.

I can identify unhealthy EMFs and Geopathic Stress (a form of toxic energy that exists around underground moving water). I can clear toxic energies and/or transform them into healthier forms, and/or recommend devices to neutralize/block/transform them.

Dowsing Instruction

Learn to dowse. I’ll teach you practical skills that can make a difference in your life. Individual and group classes.

For a consultation or questions, Call  (518) 383-9066

Did You Know?

The earth is crisscrossed by lines of energy – some beneficial, others harmful to people, animals, and plants. These lines pass through our homes & offices, and can create energy disturbances in the space, causing physical dis-ease in us, over time.