We are more than our physical bodies…

We are dynamic beings of light.

Our unseen “subtle energies” support our body’s innate intelligence and self healing capabilities. When they are in balance with the life force, we are well. When they become weak, disturbed, or blocked, the result is dis-ease.  By rebalancing your being, your energies, I can help you address a variety of issues.  Whether you want better health or to realign with your highest potential, I’d love to work with you. Together, we can identify and clear obsticals, find solutions and more!

Discover what your Aura says about you!  I offer Aura Imaging, Aura Photography and Video.

Concerned about harmful electromagnetic radiation sources in your home?  I offer onsite EMF, Radio Frequency, Dirty Electricity, and Subtle Energy surveys.

“Unseen Worlds of Subtle Energy:  Using Auric Field Photography”

book cover
My Book, Unseen Worlds of Subtle Energy

We live in a world of electromagnetic fields of energy and information. Each of us are dense, light emitting fields of energy. If you have never seen the energy rainbows that appear and radiate around people, places, and things, the photographs in this book will give you the opportunity to do so. “Unseen Worlds of Subtle Energy: Exploring and Verifying Energy Using Auric Field Photography”  by Lorna Reichel.

Aura Scans  & Balancing

Schedule this powerful Energy Session to clear, strengthen, and balance your 16 energy fields, including your physical, taiji pole, etheric, emotional, mental, astral, template, celestial, causal, and seven major chakras. Feel lighter and uplifted as your aura is restored to it’s optimal state.

Subtle Energy Experiences: Workshops & Visual Presentations: 

Get new perspectives of reality that empower & inspire.  Explore wellness and the power of your mind, with “Human Transformation and the Art of Creating Health.”  Through unforgetable visuals, you’ll learn the meaning of colors in the aura, experience your power of directed intention (a subtle energy), and more.

Crystals & Minerals
Mt. Ida Natural Quartz Crystals - for balancing and clearing subtle energy
Mt. Ida Natural Quartz Crystals. These clear, finger sized crystals are great for balancing and clearing subtle energy, planetary healing, and healing grids.

The life force of a crystal can work with the life force of your body to promote health and healing. While crystals have specific metaphysical properties, these properties can be expanded by programming and putting different crystals together. I sell an array of crystals. Check them out!

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