About Human Energy Fields (Auras)

The luminous, colorful, human energy field, also known as the biofield or aura, consists of layers of subtle energy fields which radiate within and around the physical body.

These energy fields or subtle bodies, sometimes referred to as the mental, astral/emotional and etheric/physical bodies directly affect the balance of both the physical body and the non-physical mind.

The energy centers, often referred to as chakras, serve as receptors and transformers of energy in the body. They direct the flow of the life force to the vital organs and provide the subtle sustenance that is the basis of one’s physical and emotional well being. Due to stress from mental and emotional causes, as well as physical stress from environmental pollution and toxic residues, blockages and leaks in the energy field often occur causing an abnormal energy flow of the life force within the physical organs. This contraction away from the life force eventually results in minor or possibly serious imbalances in the biosystem.

As a result, the integrity of coherency between the subtle energy fields and the physical body is compromised. Poor communication between bodies results in energy blockages that impede the natural flow of life force and can cause one to feel ungrounded, unfocused, and tired. Establishing clear communication channels between the subtle energetic aspects of the body-mind insures harmony and balance.

Information about everything that has ever happened to you
in this life time — and all lifetimes, exists in your energy field

There is a growing awareness that everything which exists is spiritual in nature. With this awareness comes the desire to unite with the energy that creates and guides the universe. What prevents many from experiencing their true nature and purpose, however, is their perception of reality. They have been conditioned by the society, community, and environment they live in. With belief systems instilled in them by family members, educational institutions, religion– they have lost their open mindedness to what is possible.


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The human energy field is very complex.

Your energy field is made up of chakras, meridians, and other multi-dimensional, non-physical elements.

The quality and condition of your energy field determines your health.  Symptoms of illness in the physical body indicate an energy disturbance or blockage in your energy field.  This is reflected
in your aura.

A large bright energy field is an indication of good health. It indicates a high level of consciousness. A high level of awareness.

A small and black/gray energy field is an indication of poor health, stress and disease.

If there is no energy field, it is an indication that you are about to die or are dead.

By correcting the energetic disturbance thus bringing the body back into balance,  it is possible to alleviate symptoms and return to a natural healthy state of being.   Deterioration of your energy field can be caused by outside forces such as impact with people or objects. EMF’s can also affect your field and put holes in your aura.

Your energy field can also deteriorate from the inside when you think negative or non-beneficial mental thoughts, have negative emotions, are under psychic attack, and are bombarded by the collective unconscious.

You are not a chakra chart, so your aura will not look like one.
Everyone’s aura is different.

In addition to having a physical body, you also have numerous non-physical light body’s including: an emotional body, mental body, and Innate – your spiritual body which bridges the physical and spiritual body’s.