Auric Field Photography

The Fascinating, Invisible World of Subtle Energy

Lorna’s extraordinary images show energy fields and entities that are usually invisible to the naked eye. Using a scientific approach… Not Special Effects, she splits light into different frequency components which often appear as multi-colored fields.

Photographer, Lorna Reichel, shoots for publications, ads, PR, marketing, research, and more. She provides clients with images of healers healing, sacred space, earth energies, spiritual events, nature spirits, portraits, spirit guides, etc.  Stock photos are available.  Portfolio viewing on request.
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Auric Field Photography of Reiki

Reiki Practitioners work with universal energy and their spirit guides all the time. However, to physically see and recognize your spirit guide in a photograph… to see an image of all the activity that is taking place around you while you work…. this is a great gift. The cohesiveness and organization of beings of light (orbs) that come to witness and/or help in the process, is nothing short of beautiful and miraculous. It brings great joy to the practitioner, the person who is holding the space, and to the person receiving the attunement, as the photographic image validates and reaffirms reality…

There is a revolution taking place and it is changing the way we think about and perceive, time and space…

Physicists believe that our universe has at least 11 dimensions and that space-time is not a fixed concept but rather fluid entities that shift with our point of view. There is a common belief that time does not exist and that whatever exists in any of the dimensions, exists simultaneously within the same shared space.

Auric Field Photography of Earth Energies

Environmental advocate and dowser David Yarrow, standing in one of the energy fields he has identified at the Lincoln Bathhouse site. He is holding his hand at the edge of the field. The camera clearly shows the aura of the energy field to David’s left and no aura (clear space) to his right. Copyright 2006, Lorna Reichel. All rights reserved.

Earth energies can effect people, animals and plants. At the Saratoga Spa State Park, there are some areas where the trees along the walkway are twisted, a possible indication of earth energies in the area. Outside the Lincoln Bathhouse, trees are twisted and pine cones on those trees are deformed and undeveloped.  Dowsing the area identified the location of a number of earth energy fields.  Photographing the area with a special filter, produced photographic images which validated and reaffirmed the dowsers findings. Seeing is believing… here were photographic images of the auras (energy fields) one could physically see.
View more photos taken during an investigation of Geopathic Energy

More examples of Lorna Reichel’s Auric Field Photography™
Reconnective Healing for Mary Jane

LornaBWProfessional Auric Field Photography Sessions
Events, portraits, and sacred space professionally photographed. Portfolio available on request.  Fee: $200./hr (1 hr min.)
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My Book

Lorna’s extraordinary images show energy fields and entities that are usually invisible to the naked eye.  Look into other realms–actual, undoctored photos of subtle energy.  8″x8″,  20 pages.  Price: $25.

book coverUnseen Worlds of Subtle Energy: Exploring and Verifying Energy Using Auric Field Photography Published: 2012 (Hardcover Book)
by Lorna Reichel (photographs) and Karl Kolsbun (intuitive interpretations)

“This is Fantastic! Amazing! So full of energy, light, good intentions. Great goals! WOW!! You will really Open some Minds. – RCC, Reiki Master

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