Aura Imaging

Benefits of Aura Imaging

This aura image is a Resonant Field Image. It is useful for increasing self awareness, confidence and well being.

An Aura is the field of energy that flows through and around your physical being. All living organisms & objects have one.  An Aura Image is a road map to the current health of your body, mind & spirit.

Your Aura reflects:  Balanced & unbalanced energy,  Emotions and state of mind, Environmental influences, How people perceive you, Spiritual development, and Self-esteem.

NOTE: Aura Imaging is safe and non-invasive. It is not intended for medical diagnosis of specific illnesses, though it does provide comprehensive information about your physiological conditions.   SampleRFIReport – Sample Aura Image, Brain Map, &  interpretations.

Aura Imaging (Full Body) – $95.00/50 min.

Your energy is measured in 40 specific areas around your body. Receive a color printout of your Aura and a personal report with detailed interpretations that explain the types of energy in your field. Additional time is $25.00/15 minutes. Remote sessions available.

Brain Mapping  – $95.00/50 min.

Identifies the type & function of all bio-energies present in specific regions of the human brain. Brain mapping enables you to quickly see your current state of physical well being.  See your brain waves shift into a coherent, balanced state. Brain Mapping can take place at the same time as your Full Body Aura Image. Receive a color printout of your Brain image and detailed interpretations. –  SampleRFIReport —  Remote sessions available.  Brain Mapping Technology

Aura Imaging & Transformation– $120./1 hr.

Improve health, well being, and self-esteem.
EMPOWER Yourself! . .  As Your Auric Field Becomes Glowing and Radiant.
We start your session by measuring your energy in 40 different places, including your etheric body, astral body, and chakras.  An aura image detailing balanced and unbalanced areas will be created. You will use this image to decide what you want to clear, enhance and/or transform. Your Aura Image will be your map, and with Lorna’s guidance, YOU will clear disruptive energy & harmonize energy, and raise your vibration levels. Learn what works for you and what techniques don’t. Lorna taking a reading of the energy for an aura imaging a client. Additional Prints: Aura or Brain Map $20./ea. Additional time: $25./15 min.

Validate Your Energy Work— Increase self-awareness & confidence
Your aura is measured Before & then After your energy work. See the changes you create or think you are creating but aren’t, in your energy quality, type, and  levels. Session includes one printout of your full body aura image or a brain map, with detailed interpretations. If you are a practitioner, you can use these images and brain maps to show potential clients or customers the effect a service or product has.  Demonstrate the shifts that occur. Receive a comprehensive written report with explanations.

Aura Scan:  Clear & Optimize Your Aura— $40.00/15 min.

During this powerful Energy Session, 16 energy fields are scanned, measured, cleared of non-beneficial energy patterns, strengthened, and balanced. Feel lighter and uplifted as your aura is restored to it’s optimal state. The Aura Scanner measures your energy levels and works in real time on these fields: the physical, taiji pole, etheric, emotional, mental, astral, template, celestial, causal, and your seven major chakras to cultivate health and longevity. Remote sessions available.

Readings of An Object (no printouts) – $30./per object

Receive objective information verbally about any object including crystals, sacred objects, jewelry, water, artifacts, etc.  Learn the type of energy that is imprinted on it and what the color of that energy is.  Example: I was asked to read a pendant that a client wore daily. I found it had a predominantly “green” energy. This indicated the pendant was radiating emotional energy –love and caring. The client confirmed that she always felt a loving energy coming from the pendant, which was a special gift from her son.  Note: This reading does NOT include printouts of images or detailed interpretations.

Aura Image of Objects

 Your object is photographed, its energy field measured and professionally mapped out. Receive a photographic image that shows the Auric field of energy around your object, and a printout with detailed explanations of findings.  See sample Aura Image of a Drum Key with Analysis

Pets & Animals Aura Imaging

Your cat, dog — get a better understanding of your pet’s emotions, thoughts, and spiritual needs.

Auric Field Photography 

Energy invisible to the eye is captured in camera so anyone can physically see it. Get images of healers healing, spirit guides, sacred space, events, products, & more. Stock photos also available. Portfolio viewed upon request.

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Aura Photography of a Quantum Balancing Session

Lorna Reichel, Biofield Consultant and Aura Imaging Specialist.
Lorna Reichel, Biofield Consultant and Aura Imaging Specialist.

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