Spiritual Awareness & Growth

Guidance: Non-Physical Experience

Have you had a near death experience or any non-physical experience where you saw something, heard something or felt something, that you couldn’t explain? When you tried to share your experience with friends and family, they called you crazy and didn’t want to hear about it. Responses like that, can cause anxiety, insecurities, or depression.

It is important to have someone you can talk to about such matters; someone who listens; and someone who can provide meaningful feedback. My Spiritual Guidance Sessions are designed with this in mind, to help you navigate, authenticate and understand your non-physical experiences.

For those who are on a spiritual path, or would like to be, and would benefit from spiritual guidance for personal growth and empowerment, I offer my services. I can facilitate, advise, confirm, provide feedback, refer you to resources, coach, and teach. I can help you find creative solutions, network, and more.

Ways I Can Be of Service to You:

  • Helping you release limiting beliefs and embrace self-acceptance.
  • Helping you live your inner truth in peace and harmony.
  • Helping you increase your awareness
  • Teaching you about subtle energy, hidden history and the lies we were taught, that you are multi-dimensional and a light being, that the Earth and everything on it including you is in the ascension process right now,…
  • Helping you identify & define your strengths.
  • Helping you in your process of awakening non-physical powers
  • Helping you authenticate your experiences.
  • Holding space, while helping you create the life you dream of.
  • Being a trusted guide who can help you open the doors to enlightened understanding of your life experiences.
  • Having someone you can talk to about anything, and brainstorm with, without judgement.

Everything is About to Change . . .

Are you ready to maximize your potental? In this new environment you will be able to manifest your reality easier and faster, and your telepathic abilities will heighten. For this reason, it will be important for you to practice forgiveness by becoming aware of and releasing low vibration thoughts and feelings of resentment, anger, judgement, and hate which block your empowerment. You will need to minimize feelings of grief which cause your body into denser states and prohibit those who have passed over (on the other side of the vail) from communicating with you .

In Summary…

People tell me they feel better. They are happy to have someone (me) they can talk to about their non-physical experiences. They are impressed with my mind, heart, and integrity. As a leader, I walk my talk and lead by example. I have a broad range of knowledge in many areas, high-energy, enthusiasm, and love helping and working with groups & individuals. I look forward to working with you.