Biofield Informational Healing – Release Stress and Negativity

Biofield Informational Healing Clears blockages, including — limiting beliefs that no longer serve you, trapped emotions that keep you in lower vibration, and environmental conflicts. Let poor health, relationship issues, and an inability to manifest what you want become a thing of the past.  I’ll scan and analyze subtle energies to find solutions. Both Specific and general issues of concern can be addressed.

How Energy Sessions Work

Using a program with a database of more than 1.5 million frequency patterns, your energy system is evaluated. Then a personalized combination of specific light, sound, and EMF vibrations are created to clear, balance and calm the body’s stress response. As the body relaxes through specialized harmonic patterns, negative stress is released allowing the central nervous system to assist the body with homeostasis.

People often feel or see a change immediately. However, just like an onion has many layers, so do you. It can take more than 1 session to transmute energy on many levels, and which hold over time.

Sessions can be done in the office or over the phone. To schedule a session call (518) 383-9066.

Benefits of Energy Sessions

  1.   Stress Reduction
  2.   Anti-Aging Support
  3.   Accelerate Self-Healing
  4.   Healthy Detox
  5.   Increase Vitality & Energy
  6.   Protective Energy Shield Creation
  7.   Identify & Resolve Issues & Situations
  8.   Remove Negativity & Non-Beneficial Energies
  9.   Strengthen Higher Thought, Intuition, and Mental Clarity
  10.   Balance physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy
  11.   Immune System Boost – Correct Energy Deficiencies & blockages
  12.   Stimulates Energy Flow in Chakras, Meridians, Acupuncture points, and Organs
  13.   Exercise (improve muscle tone)
  14.   Stimulate Creativity 

Techniques & Technologies I Use Include:

Aura Scans

During this powerful Energy Session, 16 energy fields are scanned, cleared, strengthened, and balanced. Feel lighter and uplifted as your aura is restored to it’s optimal state. Includes these fields: the physical, taiji pole, etheric, emotional, mental, astral, template, celestial, causal, and your seven major chakras.

Shen Tool

Balances out negative patterns caused by stress and harmonizes the body’s frequencies. It can help change your resistance to being healthy, negative traits, and increase whats in your highest good.

Emotions Panel

Release unresolved emotions. Symptoms may include insecurities, weaknesses, and stress even if you aren’t aware of them or know the cause.

Light Panel

Uses a specific range of wavelengths to balance any part of your body and/or related issues.


This can be used for yourself or a pet.  An energy balancing cocktail of  Amino Acids, Crystals, Essential Oils, Fatty Acids, Super Foods, Vitamins, Minerals, and Hormones, created to address a general or specific issue.


Although you can’t go back in time to undo a bad experience, the energy can be redirected to transform negative affects from a past event into positive ones.

Soul Imaging

This heals soul level issues by identifying and clearing defense mechanisms, negativity, and resistance to healing.  Then, one-by-one, each imbalance you have is identified and repaired.

Why Are These Sessions So Effective? 

Because our cells read the signals broadcast to them — they read consciousness! These signals deliver information, carried by energy (which can take many forms including light, sound, thought, intention, magnetism) – –  and your body– your cells — interact with it in very positive, beneficial ways.

I use the SRC4U system created by Qi Gong Grandmaster David Harris and his team.  It enables me to tap Master David’s 30+ years experience and skill level, to provide a high level of service to you.

Energy Healing & How SRC4U Works
Using scalar technology, positive energy signals are sent to interact with signals emitted by your body with the intention of balancing those signals. The energy responds to intention and  your desire for help and improvement in any area of life. As the system scans your energy, your subconscious directs the system to clear underlying spiritual beliefs that hold imbalanced patterns in place.

Get The Most Out of Your Session
You can optimize your session by letting go of expectations, opening to your unlimited potential, and allowing yourself to feel worthy to receive.  Improvements increase and grow with more energies building over time.


Individual Sessions: (office visit or over the phone)
One Hour Session – $150.  
3 Session Package – $375.

Group Clearing Sessions:
One Hour Session – Once a week I clear you of negative energy.   This will not include any email, phone, or personal contact with you about what I did or found.  $100.00/month  (4 x $25/per session)
Add a pet:  $40.00/ea, per month
Add  Weight Loss:  $25.00/1x
Add a Fitness Session:  $25.00/1x

To schedule a session or questions, call (518) 383-9066.

Man stands in rainbow colored subtle energy. Not uncommon to get calls for energy work, energy healing involving clearing entities , demons, ghosts,
Man standing in a rainbow colored field of subtle energy. Photographed in the backyard of a bar reported to be haunted, Chicago. It is not uncommon to get calls for energy work, energy healing involving clearing entities , demons, ghosts, etc. from a home, business, or other location.

What Clients Say After Energy Sessions 

“I have had less pain in the back the last couple of days.”

“Pain was a LOT LESS this a.m.”

“Lower back is feeling better.”

“My hip — most of the pain is gone. I still have some.”

“I was surprised! There was actually a noticeable difference. My relationships improved. Thank you.”

“I was just thrilled at the impact of the energy tune up session. My body is stronger. That’s the biggest thing. I’m still struggling with sleep but my body is stronger and nothing is happening the way it was before.”

“Just wanted to touch base and let you know how much better I feel!!!”

“Thank you for the Energy Tune-Up. I seem to feel a lot better. NO FEAR. I’m laughing & joking more. Seem happy.”

“I felt so peaceful and calm after our last session.”

Most of the people that are sensitive to energy healing have told me that they can feel energy moving when the SRC4U is running.

“OMG! My eye is sooo much better!! Thank you.”

“It definitely helped improve my sensitivity and the effectiveness of my energy work.”

After Energy Healing client’s son with terrible cold, “He was definitely better the next day”.

“Even though I say ‘I can’t tell when the program is running’, I can tell that it hasn’t been run on me this week! Very cool.”

“I can feel a subtle shift when the program stops running and feel a change when it stops processing. It seemed to help me feel more emotionally up while it was running and processing, while helping me physically in a more subtle way, and helping me as an energy healer in a palpable way…and therefore helping everyone I work on.”

Thank you, Lorna! I had a great night’s sleep for the first time in a long time. You are the BEST!!

DISCLAIMER: By Law, I am required to let you know that I do not diagnose, heal, cure, prevent or treat disease. I recommend people continue to see their medical professional and follow their advice. While there is extensive anecdotal data about individuals who have experienced significant improvements in health while having energy work and SRC4U sessions, there are no claims or warranties that energy work and a SRC4U session has any medicinal uses or effects. The body heals itself. I simply give the body instructions and information energetically.

 Disease comes from the mind!

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