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Energy – Consciousness – Spirituality

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Sponsor an Experiential Energy Workshop and/or Lecture

● Workshops can be 2-5 days, weekend or weekdays.
● Programs can be presented by me (alone) or include other
presenters. I know many outstanding practitioners, teachers, authors, lecturers and researchers in the Holistic/Energy arena.
● I will work with you in the arrangement for the right mix of topics and presenters
● Either you and your group or I can make arrangements with the venue where the event will be held.
● Free time, meditation, spiritual consciousness raising movies, energy/exercise practice and other activities can be scheduled into the program.
● Availability of fee-for-services including massage, energy balancing (Energy Medicine, Matrix Energetics, Qi Gong, Reiki, SRC4U, etc.), aura imaging, and intuitive guidance.
● Availability of products for purchase can be arranged, such as healing devices, crystals, etc.

For more information, to schedule workshops, group presentations, retreats, and events: Call (518) 383-9066.