Client Testimonials

All Client Testimonials were provided voluntarily by people who have had experience working with me, thus affirming my expertise, high integrity, creativeness, in-depth knowledge, powerful…

  • “Lorna’s broad knowledge of many topics was so helpful to me. My experience with Lorna’s Aura Imaging proved how powerful our intentions really are. I was able to clear an energy blockage very quickly with a simple visualization. Whenever I have a question about energy, science or metaphysics, Lorna is the first person I think of!”  – Terry Fluri, LMT, A Peaceful Place Massage & Wellness, NY
  • “Lorna’s assistance in marketing my energy practice has been invaluable over the last few years. Her strong level of interest and in-depth knowledge of holistic health modalities and issues has made her an ideal brainstorming partner for ads, brochures, promotions, and creative ideas in general….Couple that with her computer, photographic, and other technical skills and you have an ideal hands-on marketing consultant…” – Jack Treiber, Energy for Health & Healing, LLC, NY
  • “Lorna is brilliant at her job and highly professional. Her sense of humor and dedication to her profession make her the ideal person to work with. I recommend her completely.”        – Frank Post, Artist, Drummer, CT

“Lorna is a passionate businesswoman who is an expert in her field. She provides the best possible service to her clients. I highly recommend Lorna Reichel, Biofield Consultant at Atlantis Healthy Vibes Emporium.”
– Victorea Luminary, Eclectic Shaman, Teacher, Caneyville, KY

  • “I’ve known Lorna for many years and she is accomplished in her field. She holds a wealth of knowledge. She is a caring person who combines science and spiritual well being for the betterment of clients.”
                                 – Grace Durkin, Owner at Magic Castle Doggie Den, NY

“Lorna Reichel is a pioneer in the new medical paradigm. Her specialty of imaging the human biofield and providing this technology to integrative healthcare practitioners is an important part of our healthcare upgrade. Lorna is extremely generous with her energy and has brightened every one of our encounters memorably. On a more personal note is also one of my best and favorite students and i endorse her efforts whole heartedly.”
– Thornton Streeter DSc, Founder Centre for Biofield Sciences

“Lorna’s work bridges the esoteric with the scientific. Her attention to detail and wanting clear measurable results drives her work with the human biosphere/aura. She also works to photograph “unseen” images of spirits and energies outside of the visible spectrum with special camera equipment. Lorna has tremendous integrity in the way she conducts business. Her personality is one of seriousness mixed with humor and compassion. I highly recommend her work.”
            – Adhi Two Owls, Shaman, Educator, Energy Balancing                      The New Global Shaman, VT

“Lorna is one of the most amazing people in the world. She thinks outside the box and never looks at anything as impossible. Her sensitivity and thirst for constant exploration of energies unseen by the naked eye is part of what makes her the least jaded person I have ever met. I know her for almost 40 years and respect her with all my heart.”
            – Marla Casamassa, recommended Lorna as an Aura Imaging    Practitioner and Teacher at Omega Institute for Holistic Studies.

“Lorna has an eye of compassion that sees the very best in you. She then uses her camera’s eye to catch the sparkle in a photograph so others can see it too!”          – Abigail Thurston, Creator of Savvy Holistic Woman, NY

“Lorna is a caring and compassionate person who is highly trained at the art of measuring auras. She is personable as well as kind. She guides her clients through a specific process to understand where they may be experiencing energetic blocks to facilitate their self-discovery and healing.”            – Kate Jackett, NY

“Lorna and I have collaborated on several projects and she is a delight to work with. Her creativity, intuition, and years of study shine through in everything she does. She is an amazingly gifted healer, photographer, marketer, gardener, and crystal seller. She also has the unique ability to photograph subtle energy fields which is truly amazing. I have been so blessed by having the opportunity to experience so many of her gifts.”
                      – Carol Lovelee, Owner, Energize Your Health, IN

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“How you are doing your aura imaging is both healing and transformative!  I have definitely come away with a clear and ‘tangible’ experience of empowerment.”          – Anne, LMT, NY

“Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.  I have always found Lorna to be professional and extremely knowledgeable. She is a caring positive health practitioner with integrity and grace.”                                                                    – Paul Balzer, Healer, NY

“I managed Lorna while she taught R&R classes at Omega Institute. She was highly professional, and wonderful to work with. Also, a few times she showed me her aura imaging work, which is fascinating. I recommend it to anyone interested in seeing what their aura looks like, or how energy appears in their environment.”
– Brett Bevell, Staff Programs Coordinator, Omega Institute, NY

“Lorna has shown herself to be creative, innovative, altruistic, and artistic. She’s a pleasant and patient collaborator.”
                                    – Dr. Phil Rothenberg, TX

“I have attended presentations that Lorna has made in the past and she is a TRUE professional! I found her to be extremely, knowledgeable, ethical and also an expert in her “unique” field! I would highly recommend Lorna!”
                             – Sandy Menzer, Spiritual Intuitive, NY

“Lorna is highly skilled in a field that is becoming more and more important as our environment continues to subject us to potentially hazardous exposure to bioactive energy sources. She genuinely enjoys her work and is constantly expanding her knowledge base.”
– Peter Guare, Founder, Human HyperFormance LLC, NY

“Lorna Reichel is perhaps one of the most insightful people I have ever met. Also one of the most energetic. Her care and concern for others, which I have seen demonstrated in many ways, is like a breath of fresh air in this cynical age. It is my privilege to have worked with Lorna on a high stress but ultimately rewarding project several years ago, and her initiative, positive energy, and aura (if I may use that term) made all the difference in a successful outcome.”
– John Maxwell, Attorney, Partner, Maxwell & Van Ryn Law Firm, NY

“Lorna and I have known one another for many years. I know her to be meticulous in whatever she puts her hands to do. I know her as a businesswoman who is voraciously hungry to learn all she can in her fields of expertise. Yes, I said fields. She is a diverse, well rounded woman whose very presence demands respect. I’m extremely fortunate to call her a friend.”     – Kweli Ya-Saleem, Owner, LMT    Alternative Health Services Massage Therapy, NY

“Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
I can whole heartedly recommend Lorna’s work. I visited once for an energy reading and found that it really helped my be able to focus. Lorna is very knowledgeable about the new field of energy medicine, which I share as a colleague. Lorna is also a dynamic speaker and advocate for this natural form of health care and growth.”                                                           – Lin Murphy, NY

“Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time
Lorna did some Aura Imaging work for me to show that the subtle energies that were inducted into my water treatment product by someone else were actually detectable. It was done on a timely manner and was easy to understand her reports. I highly recommend Lorna’s work.”                    – Randy Navratil, Essential Water Solutions

“Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative
I have interfaced with Lorna on several projects & find Lorna to be insightful in her field… Lorna has added insights to my understanding of aura imaging & I would highly recommend her services.”       – Clara Dreymann, NY

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“I came to Omega for a workshop, but this Aura Imaging session made the whole weekend”        – Ebony, Designer

“Both dowsing and energy testing confirmed Lorna’s finding about my daughter’s second chakra. We did some clearing and balancing, with very good response! Thanks again.”
                                               – Ruth, Energy Practitioner, NY

“This was a wonderful experience. Lorna’s intuition and demeanor was a pleasure to witness. What a gift and confirmation this has been.”                                                  – Jennifer B.

It was my first experience of aura measurement and I found it helpful in focusing how I need to care for myself right now.”
– Elaine, Psychotherapist, CT

“In what was a very difficult day, Lorna was a beautiful gift of caring & insight.”    – Pam

“I had a RFI and brain report from you. I am a neuroscientist and happiness researcher and you asked me to comment on the brain report. The brain report looks pretty good – It looks like he mapped the body areas to the brain parts which are commonly known to have the related functions. Most of the body (arms legs) map to the motor cortex area – he is more generally using cerebral cortex as the label. This is pretty much hard science and is accurate. When he comes to the integrated brain section, it’s more arbitrary. You could make a case for the heart chakra to be in the limbic system (which controls fear) or the frontal lobes (which control happiness) or both really. One thing is that the diagram is a bit out of proportion with the exact size of the brain parts, but I don’t know that this affects the interpretation. A large majority of our brain is dedicated to vision — transforming light into objects we can see and interact with in our environment. Our fear system isn’t any bigger than a walnut, but has a pretty major impact on keeping us alive. The other thing to think about is that there are just so many connections from one part of the brain to another that one part affects the others in so many of the functions we have. It was fun to see how my wrist watch affected my energy – I did buy a new watch!”
– Sandi Smith, BrainWays Training and Development, TX

“Lorna’s images are so captivating & thought-provoking.”
                         – Cath, NY

“Lorna has a talent in energy work that, coupled with her charming, vibrant personality, creates an attractive, healing energy field.”                                      – Ken Hamilton, Founder at H.O.P.E. Healing of Persons Exceptional

“Always appreciate hearing from you, Lorna, and so appreciate the positivity you hold and trumpet to the world!” –  L.S.

“I had a great time with Lorna and have been continually studying my information since I was there.”
                            – Donna M., Reiki Master, NY

“I was exploring cyberspace looking for spiritual nourishment and creative inspiration when i came upon your enchanting home. I found your site to be enriching as you are a gifted individual. Know that everything resonated positive with me. You have much to be proud of. Thank you for sharing your greatness as doing so empowers others to follow their dreams. You are truly blessed. I wish you a life of wonder and contentment. May you exist in heavenly realms as you give thanks for the little things and May you feel compassion towards all as you lift the vibration of your being. Yours in Goodness Growing,
MicHEAL Teal, The Ancient One”

“I am happy to endorse you. You are a positive, professional, and helpful person with great integrity. ”                                                                                                         –   Anne Breznau, Faculty, Skidmore College, Saratoga, NY

“Thank you so much for sharing with me- I read everything that you send and I grateful for whatever i take away with me to assimilate and share.”     – L

“Despite the marvelous influx of information I processed today, the true vortex of my experience was in discovering the aura imaging which brought to the forefront the real heart of this conference for me. Thank you.”  – Kimberly Torres, NY

“I was  watching you along with the dynamics with your presentation.  Your involvement with the whole is quit amazing.”                                                   – Lara Flannery, NY

What Clients Are Saying About SRC4U Sessions …

“I have had less pain in the back the last couple of days.”

“Pain was a LOT LESS this a.m.” – Jill Stulmaker, NY”

“I’m still sleeping better.”

“I appreciate the work you’re doing. It’s ground breaking!”

“I have seen some receptiveness in my son that I have not seen before. That’s good.”

“The program definitely helped improve my sensitivity and the effectiveness of my energy work.  When the program was run on my son who had a cold, he was definitely better the next day. I can feel a subtle shift when the program stops running and I feel a change when it stops processing. It seems to help me feel more emotionally up while it’s running and processing, while helping me physically in a more subtle way, and helping me as an energy healer in a palpable way…and therefore helping everyone I works on. “

“I can’t THANK YOU enough for spending the whole day with me and all the sharing, running all those programs, all your knowledge, but most of all sharing your love, light and your special ways! It’s always an experience being with you!!??
I feel SO MUCH better today!!! ????????????????”                                                               – Monica Smith, Skin Care & Wellness Consultant,  Radiant Vitality with Monica Smith, Albany, NY.

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