Electronic Communication with Spirit

My friend and I performed a series of experiments in an effort to make contact and communicate with specific, non-physical beings or souls (i.e. people that had passed over, spirit guides who were on another plane or in another dimension). We wanted to obtain physical evidence of their existence. Because it takes a lot of energy to jump the vibrational gap between dimensions, we had to continually channel energy to the non-physical beings we were trying to contact. The result… we did connect and get physical evidence.

How This Was Accomplished

We constructed a very crude set-up, working with materials and equipment we had on hand. We plugged a microphone into a standard, stereo cassette deck which was set on “peak” for maximum range. The cassette tape recorder was equipped with LED lights. This gave us the ability to watch a “screen” and visually see if and when any noise or sounds were occurring, This turned out to be an important feature, since we did get very subtle sounds which were not always audible to the human ear or to everyone listening. It provided another means to visually demonstrate, prove and show that sound had been recorded and at what level. We used a 30 minute cassette tape.

We took a crystal glass full of salt water and placed it on a stand, with the microphone resting over the glass.  We lit one candle and turned the lights in the room off. We energized, shielded and called on our guides to assist us. We asked our guides to somehow communicate with us through the stereo.

My friend then built an energy field around the glass and microphone after the water had been energized. This field incorporated different vibrational patterns to enable the water to act as a conductor so spirit could use the water and energy field to break through — to talk through the microphone. During the experiment, my friend continually kept energy flowing through him into the field. We mentally channeled energy into a quartz crystal point which was suspended over the glass of salt water, to amplify the energy. After making the recording, we would play it back and see the LED lights moving as they normally would be if there was something playing. However, sometimes we would get sounds anyone could hear, and at other times, the lights would move but you could not physically hear anything. I once heard the most beautiful music, like a choir or angels singing, the LED lights were moving in the same rhythm, but only I could hear it. No one else could.

Similar experiments had been successfully carried out by researchers in Latvia, Germany and Sweden. The results are published in the book, “Breakthrough An Amazing Experiment in Electronic Communication With The Dead”, by Dr. Konstantin Raudive. Dr. Raudive was a student of Carl Jung and a Latvian psychologist who taught at the University of Uppsala, Sweden. He spent the last 10 years of his life researching electronic voice phenomenon (EVP).  Working with a physicist and an electronics expert, he captured tens of thousands of spirit voices on audiotape, most under strict lab conditions. In this book, he explains that spirit communication is possible when a band of electromagnetic oscillations create a bridge between this plane and another. Using the same principle on which all wireless transmitters and receivers operate, a signal gets transmitted by a certain change of shape of modulation of oscillation. Audio contact is made with the other oscillatory plane and recorded.