Health Begins In Your Energy Bodies

No part of your body is independent of the whole.

Although it may appear that only a specific part of your body is in need of healing, all parts of your body interact and work together.  Parts of you are physical and parts of you are quantum–invisible, multi-dimensional. A holistic approach to wellness, takes all parts into consideration– Especially the ENERGETIC or non-physical, as this is where the manifestation of anything and everything, begins. Matter is a property of consciousness.

Associated Subtle Physical Energies
Associated Subtle Physical Energies. These energy fields play a big roll in determining your state of health. Illustration used with permission. Copyright 1972, Al Hulstrunk. All Rights Reserved.

Restore Your Body’s Balance So It Can Heal Itself 

Magnetic fields are present in and around every cell, organism, and thing that exists, including the air we breath. Our atmosphere carries the magnetic energy of the sun. Magnetic energy has been used for healing since ancient times.  Lecture on Magnetism and Energy  by Manly P. Hall, a 33rd Degree Mason.  Mason on Energy Manipulation – This Is Mind Blowing!