Reconnective Healing Session

Report on Healing Session with Supportive Auric Field Photographs

Healer:   Leon Favreau
Subject:  Maryjane
Photographer/Aura Imaging: Lorna Reichel

Information has been compiled from several sources to document a Reconnective Healing session performed by Leon Favreau, on November 27, 2007 in Clifton Park, NY.  The subject of the healing session was a women named Maryjane, who has provided an account of her experience. Susie Favreau, an intuitive at the session, has provided her account of what she observed during the session. Aura Images of Maryjane were made on 11/27/07 before the healing session ( 10:21 am EST), after the session (12:31 pm EST), and again on 11/30/07 (11:30 am EST). Auric Field Photographs were taken towards the end of the healing session (as an after thought), and though they were not part of the initial assignment, they have been included for the additional information they provide.

At the start of her session, Maryjane felt a cool wind flow across the right side of her body, which remained during the entire session. She was aware of the lack of coolness and sensations on her left side. She physically felt, and later intuitively knew, that there was more going on around her and that the coolness was not due to room temperature.

Above: Auric Field Photograph of Reconnective Healing #1.

Maryjane:  I looked at this photograph (#1) and knew my energy needed to be put back into balance. I see the red as needing to be balanced with the green. I see the green energy, which is healing, as integrating the red energy into a healthier energy. The fact that both the green and red colored areas above my body are of equal density and color, leads me to believe that an equal exchange could happen to integrate the red to a more healthy state.

Suzie:  I feel energy in my face. Feels like someone is brushing my face. There’s pressure in my throat so I have to do extra swallowing to relieve it. See a blue light at her feet. Pain over my right eye and cheek.

Above: Auric Field Photograph of Reconnective Healing #2. Energy now appears around Leon’s and Maryjane’s heads.

Suzie:  I See a mask of her face being lifted from her face as Leon is working on right side of her face…

Suzie:  Her left shoulder/chest/groin—something is pulled out
Maryjane:  At the end of the session I felt warm pressure in both of my lower legs and feet. This picture appears to correlate with those sensations. I felt Leon grounding and stabilizing my rebalanced energy body.

Suzie:  Working over her stomach and right hip, I feel pressure in my eye.

Above: Auric Field Photograph of Reconnective Healing #3

Maryjane:  This picture (#3) depicts what I experienced within my body while I was on the table. I felt all the action was on the right side of my body and the healing green color is coming along the left side of my body which is where the imbalance was noted in my aura image.  The large red and green area or orb is an entity.”

Suzie:  It was around noon, midway through the session when Suzie saw green light at Maryjane’s feet

Above: Inter-Dimensional Photograph of Reconnective Healing #4



Suzie:  When Leon chants at her head at the end of the session, I see a very tall spirit guide dressed in white with a long white beard.  He is standing behind Leon.  Two shorter guides stand on either side of the tall one.  The guides appear as images reflected in two mirrors going on to infinity

Suzie:  Chanting at her feet, I see a female spirit.

Maryjane – Closing Comments: “I came to the session without prior knowledge of the healing process and all that entailed. I accepted the invitation because of my interest in aura imaging. The before aura images showed a few imbalances that I was not aware of. Following this healing experience, I was not surprised to see a change in the after aura image and reading, because of what I experienced on the table. Looking at the pictures that Lorna took and looking at the before and after aura images, it was obvious that healing took place with all the green color at the feet.”


Leon Favreau is a Certified Practitioner of Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection, and has completed other energy courses and programs including The Energy Of Life Intuitive Series, The (W)Hole Shop and The Divinity Series.

Suzie Favreau is an accomplished writer who has long had an interest in spiritual matters. Her profound sensitivity to working with energies has made her an excellent partner to work with Leon in the energy work.

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