Aura Imaging & Healing Sessions

Do you have pain? Is your body unresponsive or not healing? You may want to have an Aura Imaging & Healing Session.
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Carol Lovelee sending energy during Aura Imaging & Quantum Healing Sessions

An aura image can show you what’s going on in your bodies energy field, while a Healing Session can address energetic imbalances.

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Aura Imaging & Quantum Healing Sessions
Carol Lovelee sending energy during Aura Imaging & Quantum Healing Sessions

Pain is a message from your body that says pay attention something isn’t working.  Your body wants to heal and it can, though sometimes it helps to have a facilitator skilled in energy techniques that address core beliefs and can help you release old trauma, while restoring health at the cellular level.

Literally see your own healing & transformation session.

Aura Image showing the type of energy you are picking up from the environment, the type of energy you are creating, and the colors that are radiating from you.
Aura Imaging and Energy Sessions

A Full Body Aura Image is made before any energy work is performed, to show imbalances in your physical, mental, and emotional bodies. Your healing session will be designed according to the specific information obtained.

Your energy session is a holistic, mind-body approach which has a profound affect in supporting the healing process.

After your energy session, a new set of measurements will be taken and another aura image created to show you the amazing changes that occurred during your session. A session usually takes about 2 hours, and includes Aura Imaging Before and After your energy session and detailed interpretations and colored print outs. Fee: $325.00.

Clients find these unique sessions useful, fun and the results exciting!

More on the process – Lorna measures the frequencies in your field. and a computer system converts the readings into the corresponding colors in the visual spectrum. This useful, detailed information allows us to uncover deeply buried disruptive energies that might otherwise be missed. When these patterns are addressed and cleared, the balance that your energy system depends on for health is restored, increasing your vitality, clarity, focus, and capacity to experience Joy and Inner Peace!

Benefits of Aura Imaging & Healing Sessions

Decreased stress levels, Emotional clearing

Experience the science of biofield technologies & techniques!
For Appointment:  Call Lorna at (518) 383-9066

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