Aura Analysis of Drum Key

Bioenergy Fields of Objects – Bioenergies and mental subtle energies are so strong, that they make imprints in the subatomic structure of physical objects they come in contact with. These energies can be measured and the energy information extracted from the object. Physical objects retain information imprints of the bioenergies of living beings that come into contact with them. The imprinted bioenergies are usually electromagnetic brainwaves or other bioenergy fields that result from emotional releases. As these energy imprints blend with the original and weaker subtle energies emitted from the object, they become part of the object’s subtle energy field.

Subject: Drum Key
Aura Imaging by Lorna Reichel

Client Objectives: Client wanted to obtain objective information about the bioenergies imprinted on and the subtle energies emanating from a drum key. The client, a drummer, carried the key with him all the time.

Bioenergy Field Analysis

Technology Used:  Electromagnetic feedback, an external type of magnetic resonance imaging that does not create distortion or contaminate the energy field. Measuring the identity of the drumkeyfor-webdetected energy according to its characteristic frequency, it makes this frequency available as data in standard international scientific units. This imaging system accurately identifies and interprets 15 colors of bioenergy, representing all 15 distinguishable colors of the optical spectrum, providing an excellent tool for detailed and accurate images and interpretations.

The bioenergies/subtle energies of the drum key were carefully measured. A total of thirteen measurements were made. Each measurement could have appeared as any one of 15 colors. However, only the colors listed below were found. The type and function of all predominate bioenergies present were identified. The drum key was photographed and the energies mapped out.  The resulting auric colors and objective interpretations are listed below:

BurgundyMaterial and physical focus. Indicates thought forms related to survival issues, money, material objects, and the immediate physical environment. This energy is related to instincts, basic human needs and desires.

Red – Material and Physical focus. Indicates thought forms related to material self-gratification, accomplishment of material goals and ambitions. Thoughts may have involved power and status, desire for attention and acceptance from others, indulgence or luxury items.

White – A pure, high-frequency energy. Discharge of bioenergy, in the form of emotional release. May also indicate the creative process, the launching of creative ideas or thought forms focused on life force energies, purity, and truth.

SilverProtection, shielding from destructive energies, peacefulness, and stability.

OrchidThought forms involving spiritual, holistic or psychic practice. Clarity of thought, understanding of truth.

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