Physical matter (i.e., material objects) contain large amounts of information, retained in the patterns and motions of its valence electrons.  The ability of well-trained psychics to “read” such energy patterns to get that information is traditionally known as “psychometry.”

Practicing psychometry involves “sympathetic vibration” – that is, the establishment of an energy “channel” or bridge between the object’s frequencies and the brain’s frequencies.  In other words, your brain is generally trained to “step down” its frequencies so that it can come into resonance with the object’s frequencies.
Trained psychometrists can, through sympathetic vibration, discern the origin and significant events in the history of the object, for each person who comes into contact with it leaves a residual energy imprint which people with this specialized training can read.  This is a skill that must be developed – like visualizing the Aura field.

RFI™ was engineered to allow us to read information from material objects, without having to rely on human skill or ability. The electrofield analysis provided by RFI™ allows us to detect and record specific information about the history of an object, revealing 3 different perspectives: (1) the environment where the object was located or stored, and the predominant metaphysical and mental energies which describe the purpose or function of the place or environment where the object was found, (2) the psychological profile of a previous owner of the object, and (3) the inherent bioenergy properties of the object itself, such as whether it can heal, or what effect it may have on human health or psychology.

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