Why I’d Like To Speak To Your Group

I want to educate people about subtle energy so they can have more control over their lives and greater awareness that:

LornaBW1. Everything is energy (consciousness). You, the ground you walk on and all physical matter, is actually condensed energy. Physical matter may appear solid to your physical senses, but it isn’t. When one takes a closer look at the tiny particles or wave patterns that make up physical matter, one finds what appears to be a lot of empty space. Quantum physicists have determined that this space isn’t empty, but full of subtle energy and information fields.

2. You have an energy field that permeates through and around your physical body. The dynamic blueprint of who you are and a record of everything that has ever happened to you is stored in that field. Information about your physical, mental and emotional condition is stored there, including information about stresses — those disruptive energies that throw you out of balance and can cause dis-ease when ignored. The good news is that you have control over that field. Anyone can learn to work with this energy… and everyone should know how to. Take your response-ability and maintain your energy fields and you will create health. You can use a variety of tools or devices to help you clear and balance your energies. You can also use your mind, consciousness, your will, your intention and attention to clear unwanted energies from your field and bring your self (your energies) back into balance.

3. You live in a world of energy. You are surrounded by all kinds of energy, some have a positive effect on you and some are detrimental to your health and well being. With the increasing numbers of cell towers, high tension wires, wireless devices, microwave ovens, cheap electronic devices that lack shielding to protect consumers from unhealthy EMF radiation, etc., people need to become aware of the energies in their environment, and take response-ability for them selves.

4. The bottom line is… When your energies are in balance, flowing, in sync, coherent – you are healthy.

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Energy can not be destroyed. However, the information the energy carries and holds can be changed — cleared, enhanced & balanced. There are many ways to do this using conscious intention. You can use thought, sound, color, shape, prayer, dowsing, movement, form – sacred geometry, crystals, smell, essential oils… the list goes on and on.