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Workshop Descriptions

Taking Conscious Awareness & Creation to New Heights!   Manifesting & Exploring Energy Workshop

A Hands-On Workshop with
Lorna Reichel, MFA, BS
Subtle Energy Researcher and Photographer

Our universe is made of creative energy. Discover the creator within as you interact with the non-linear world of subtle energies. and move into deeper states of truth. Work with human and other types of energy. Receive feedback on your manifesting abilities. Witness exciting demonstrations that can change your perceptions and expand your mind. Experience the power of your thoughts, feelings, and intentions, and see the affect these invisible “energies” have.  Learn techniques to protect yourself, clear negative energy,  energize and balance yourself.  See photos of “subtle energies” including a spirit guide, orbs, human energy fields and earth energies. You’ll practice your transforming and manifesting subtle energy skills, as Lorna offers guidance. The workshop will include meditations, discussions, and techniques to prepare you for living in the higher dimensions.

What you will learn:
·  The relationship between energy and matter.
·  Creative ways to manifest better health.
·  Techniques to increase your energy and vitality
·  Energy Techniques & Technologies for healing
·  Changing non-beneficial energy into positive energy
·  Body dowsing for personal information
·  How to determine which foods and medicines may be appropriate for you
·  The positive and negative affects of thoughts and words
·  Discover the power and use of visualization
·  Discover your ability to use your mind and heart to consciously create (health, happiness, prosperity)

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Learn A Fascinating Body of Information… through lecture, demonstration, discussion, practice, and PowerPoint presentations.

Human Transformation and the Art of Creating Health

An exploration of the power of subtle energies and intention               aura_version31aura2The energy field that permeates through and around your physical body is known as your “aura”. Stored in your aura is information about your physical, mental and emotional condition, including information about stresses — disruptive energies that cause imbalance and dis-ease. Anyone can learn to work with this energy… and everyone should know how to maintain their energy fields. It has a direct affect on your health. Learn about your subtle energy bodies as Lorna shares her research, aura images, brain maps, and Kirlian photographs, proving that we are conscious creators. As multi-dimensional beings, the condition of our aura and the information within it, reveals our thoughts, how we feel, what we are able to manifest in life, our health, and our ability to heal ourselves of disease.

Measuring What You Manifest
Energy Frequency: An Indicator of Energy Health
The question often asked is, “How do I know if I am manifesting the changes in my energy field?” As we explore the power of intention further, let us turn to science for feedback. There are numerous devices and technologies that can assist us in seeing and understanding energy. In this workshop we will verify your abilities to change your energy, with Resonate Field Imaging technology. A meter will be used to measure the frequency in a specific chakra. This reading will indicate whether your intended changes manifested in that chakra.
Manifesting Energies for Well Being

Personal energy can be either beneficial or non-beneficial. The manner in which we manipulate and direct it can determine how it affects us. Energy is non-personal. The mind directs it into a force; our belief system transforms it into our personal reality. What we think or say can manifest different energies around us—beneficial or non-beneficial. Explore the positive and negative affects of thoughts and words. You will be surprised to learn how different energies affect you and how your thoughts, words, and actions can transmute energy. As a result of being aware of some amazing insights, you will have another tool to improve your wellness and your life. Karl will demonstrate how we unknowingly manipulate energy in both a positive and negative manner. He will show you how to protect yourself from malevolent energies and transform them into positive and useful ones. He will teach you to body dowse for personal information and how to test to determine which foods, medicines, and other forms of energies may be appropriate for the body. Find out how to manipulate the human energy field and how others can do it to you.

Endless Possibilities: Unseen Worlds
A visual exploration of earth energies, portals, orbs, and other anomalies

We are experiencing a shift in consciousness and an awareness to the existence of non-physical worlds. These worlds simultaneously co-exist with the physical world. They are made of fine matter, lack density, and are rarely seen. Lorna’s extraordinary photographs prompt us to question the accuracy of our perceptions, especially if we are basing them on information received through our 5 senses alone. They support and confirm intuitive information. These photographs expose what is normally in the invisible light spectrum by filtering light. They expose the environmental soup of cosmic energy, natural earth energies, man made electromagnetic fields, and thought forms that we live in. Increase your awareness by seeing things in new ways. Learn how energies affect you and ways you can affect them. Join Lorna and Karl as they share another perspective of reality—plasma or energy invisible to the naked eye. See actual photographs of the energy around healers healing and sacred space.

Why I’d Like To Speak To Your Group

I want to educate people about subtle energy so they can have more control over their lives and greater awareness that:

LornaBW1. Everything is energy (consciousness). You, the ground you walk on and all physical matter, is actually condensed energy. Physical matter may appear solid to your physical senses, but it isn’t. When one takes a closer look at the tiny particles or wave patterns that make up physical matter, one finds what appears to be a lot of empty space. Quantum physicists have determined that this space isn’t empty, but full of subtle energy and information fields.

2. You have an energy field that permeates through and around your physical body. The dynamic blueprint of who you are and a record of everything that has ever happened to you is stored in that field. Information about your physical, mental and emotional condition is stored there, including information about stresses — those disruptive energies that throw you out of balance and can cause dis-ease when ignored. The good news is that you have control over that field. Anyone can learn to work with this energy… and everyone should know how to. Take your response-ability and maintain your energy fields and you will create health. You can use a variety of tools or devices to help you clear and balance your energies. You can also use your mind, consciousness, your will, your intention and attention to clear unwanted energies from your field and bring your self (your energies) back into balance.

3. You live in a world of energy. You are surrounded by all kinds of energy, some have a positive effect on you and some are detrimental to your health and well being. With the increasing numbers of cell towers, high tension wires, wireless devices, microwave ovens, cheap electronic devices that lack shielding to protect consumers from unhealthy EMF radiation, etc., people need to become aware of the energies in their environment, and take response-ability for them selves.

4. The bottom line is… When your energies are in balance, flowing, in sync, coherent – you are healthy.

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Energy can not be destroyed. However, the information the energy carries and holds can be changed — cleared, enhanced & balanced. There are many ways to do this using conscious intention. You can use thought, sound, color, shape, prayer, dowsing, movement, form – sacred geometry, crystals, smell, essential oils… the list goes on and on.


Physical matter (i.e., material objects) contain large amounts of information, retained in the patterns and motions of its valence electrons.  The ability of well-trained psychics to “read” such energy patterns to get that information is traditionally known as “psychometry.”

Practicing psychometry involves “sympathetic vibration” – that is, the establishment of an energy “channel” or bridge between the object’s frequencies and the brain’s frequencies.  In other words, your brain is generally trained to “step down” its frequencies so that it can come into resonance with the object’s frequencies.
Trained psychometrists can, through sympathetic vibration, discern the origin and significant events in the history of the object, for each person who comes into contact with it leaves a residual energy imprint which people with this specialized training can read.  This is a skill that must be developed – like visualizing the Aura field.

RFI™ was engineered to allow us to read information from material objects, without having to rely on human skill or ability. The electrofield analysis provided by RFI™ allows us to detect and record specific information about the history of an object, revealing 3 different perspectives: (1) the environment where the object was located or stored, and the predominant metaphysical and mental energies which describe the purpose or function of the place or environment where the object was found, (2) the psychological profile of a previous owner of the object, and (3) the inherent bioenergy properties of the object itself, such as whether it can heal, or what effect it may have on human health or psychology.

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